Artists Portrait Benny van der Plank and Dora Lionstone at the opening of the NDSM Fuse Expo

The artists

Visual artists and photographers Dora Lionstone (b.1986, Potsdam, Germany) and Benny van der Plank (b.1979, Jakarta, Indonesia) were both selected as FRESH EYES European Talent in 2021 and have met each other this way. In February 2023, they exhibited during Rotterdam Art Week and at the exhibition Connection in Amsterdam Central Station. Since January 2023, they have been sharing a studio in Amsterdam's creative heart on the NDSM-wharf. Multropolis is the first project on which they collaborate.

Dora Lionstone

Dora Lionstone graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2020 with a BA in Photography and has previously worked as a Software Engineer in Germany. Her work has been exhibited at FOAM and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, among several other exhibitions across Europe. She is a GUP New Talent 2021, Runner-Up of the OD Photo Prize 2022 and a recipient of the Mondriaan Artist Start Grant for 2022.

doralionstone.com | info@doralionstone.com | @doralionstoned

Benny van der Plank

Benny van der Plank studied at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam and is also working as a Project Manager in Arts & Culture for the City of Amsterdam. His work has been exhibited at Rotterdam Photo and The London Photo Show, among several other exhibitions worldwide. He is a GUP New Talent 2022 and winner of the Berlin Photo Week Future Challenge 2021 and State of the World 2022 prize of The Prix de la Photographie Paris.

bennyvanderplank.com | info@bennyvanderplank.com | @bennyvanderplank